Business Model

Business Model

Our Mission:

Operating safely, to provide the world’s food manufacturers with a safe and secure supply of consistently better collagen products, helping them optimise efficiency and enhancing the value of their offering.

Our Business Model:

Why our business exists

Devro’s collagen casing is used to manufacture all varieties of sausage. Historically, animal intestines were used as casing for sausage, but over the past 50 years the use of collagen casing has significantly increased, as it enables food manufacturers to automate production and reduce costs. It is better suited to contemporary food hygiene and traceability requirements, and technical specifications can be determined in advance.

What our customers do

Devro’s customers manufacture branded and own-label sausage products worldwide, reaching consumers through retail and food service outlets.

How we create value

Devro creates value by converting a basic raw material, collagen, from the inner layer of cattle and sow hides, into a homogeneous gel and extruding it to tightly controlled dimensions, before being compressed and packed for supply to customers. Devro’s manufacturing processes are unique and have evolved over many years of technical development.

Who we sell to

Devro’s revenue comes primarily from the sale of collagen products directly to food manufacturers and, in some markets, local distributors. Devro sells to over 1,000 customers in more than 100 countries, with a product range in excess of 500 individual items, covering eight principal types of application.

Approximately one-third of Devro’s sales are in emerging markets and two-thirds are in developed markets. Over 100 Devro employees work in customer-facing operations as sales and technical advisers.

The market we are in

Devro is one of five significant producers globally of collagen casing in the world market, with a number of smaller local or regional competitors. Additional value is created for the customer by collaborating with specialist food machinery manufacturers and suppliers of food ingredients to optimise product performance.

What makes us different

Devro differentiates itself from competitors by developing innovative new products, by working closely with customers to enhance manufacturing efficiencies and by providing high-quality technical support to customers.

Why our customers choose Devro

To satisfy our customers’ demands, we use our knowledge of how to manipulate the complex chemistry of collagen to balance the requirements of food producers for strength and size stability with consumer preferences for tenderness and bite.

Business Process

Extracting Collagen

Collagen used for casing and gel is taken from the hides of carefully selected animals – officially approved for human consumption.

Applied Technology

The production of collagen casing is a complex technological process. Devro combines expertise and innovation to produce casings that allow our customers to make better sausage.


Devro is a world leader in the manufacturing technology of this highly sophisticated process. Our casings are consistent, reliable and versatile to suit the needs of both sausage manufacturers and consumer preferences.

Sales, marketing
& distribution

Devro products are sold across all continents in over 100 countries. We sell directly to food manufacturers and via agents and distributors.

Customer products
to consumers

Devro’s innovation and casing performance allow our customers to produce differentiated products for the consumer. Our casings consistently score highly for appearance, colour, bite and overall acceptance in independent research and consumer testing.

Reinvesting in
our business

Devro has a successful track record of applied research and development and focused capital investment.