Consumer Research

The consumer, according to research, does not consider the type of casing as long as it does not affect three key areas of the sausage – colour, bite and meat show. Independent consumer research shows that on the whole consumers do not know and most have never considered, the origin of a sausage skin (TNS Market Research Report 2009). Furthermore consumers do not take the casing into account when deciding what makes a high quality sausage nor do they make any connection between traditional and premium sausage and the use of gut casing. In trials by ISI (ISI Consumer Preference Test Nov 2009) wieners in collagen were rated as significantly better overall than equivalent products in sheep gut.

In summary from all the  consumer research in many countries around the world it can be seen that the consumer does not care about the type of casing as long as it is a good casing. And Devro casings are consistently at the top of the rankings.

Czech Republic, Slovakia Sausage Purchases

ISI Consumer Research Report 2009

ISI Consumer Research Report 2011