Customer Benefits

Our products are designed to deliver financial benefits to producers through high levels of productivity and from providing products which consumers select first from the retail shelf. The positive features of the new collagen casings from Devro serve as the benchmark for the industry as any negatives have been eliminated through research and development.

The cost benefits to manufacturers of using collagen can be substantial; with significant savings in time and labour costs. Collagen casing is easy and quick to work with because it is a more consistent and stable product than gut thus achieving what can sometimes be dramatic cost savings – over 50 per cent in some cases. Because less manpower is needed on the sausage production line output per man hour increased.

But it’s not purely about value creation anymore, it's also about quality and consumer acceptance. With our collagen casings shape, colour and “crispness” (or “knack”) is easier to produce and sausages can be cooked in many different ways. Consumers love the consistently tender bite and fantastic knack of the new generation of our collagen casing.

The benefits make the use of collagen casings an obvious choice for sausages manufacturers looking for cost-effective, consistent product that is accepted by consumers.

Benefits at a glance

  • Reduced Labour Costs
  • Greater Efficiency in smoking sausage
  • Consistency
  • Traceability
  • Appearance
  • Supply Reliability
  • Pricing Stability
  • Easy Storage
  • Technical Support

The Case for Collagen