Devro Fresh Butchers

Devro Fresh Butchers

Butchers casing specifically designed with excellent handling properties necessary for handcrafted UK and Australian Butchers Handlink - usually pan fried, barbecued or grilled. It is a viable alternative to sheep or hog gut, suitable for fresh handlink sausage applications using coarse minced/mixed meat formulations (typically >75% meat content) with high meat show.

Devro Fresh Butchers Advantages

  • Ideal for pure pork products of all types
  • Variants for processed cooked and fresh sausage
  • Superb machinability for high productivity
  • Controllable ‘Bite’ qualities to match consumer expectations
  • Glossy fresh appearance for consumer appeal
  • Optimal smoke permeability for rapid processing with consistent colour and flavour
  • Calibre and shape consistency for packaging simplicity controlled output
  • Hygienic and traceable sourcing for food safety and brand security

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