Ralex Mini Smoke

Ralex Mini Smoke

Mini Smoke - the high smoke version of Mini Ralen is an inedible casing that is easy to peel. Some of the greatest advantages of this plastic casing include its ability to absorb smoke aroma, and its strength and elasticity during processing, ensuring that the surface of the product is smooth and taut.

Ralex Mini Smoke Advantages

  • Easy processing
  • High mechanical strength - withstands the strains of stuffing and clipping
  • Uniform diameters, resulting in regular and consistent sausages
  • Smooth and plump sausages due to good shrink properties
  • Appetising Sheen
  • Good barrier properties
  • Good finished sausage taste and aroma
  • Effective smoke permeability
  • Mould resistant
  • Hygienic and safe

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