The Americas region remains a strong market for edible collagen casing with approximately 40% of the market in collagen. In North America, the meat snacks market is particularly dynamic and Devro is proud to partner the leading brands in this sector. There is also rapid growth in a number of Latin American countries, driven by increasing meat consumption and improving economic conditions.

Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)

EMEA is a well-established and significant market for edible collagen casing, with approximately 31% of the market currently in collagen. The UK & Ireland market is dominated by fresh sausages while processed and meat snacks are growing categories across Europe.

Many markets still use traditional processing methods, and offer sizeable opportunities to convert gut to collagen to deliver production efficiencies. As Devro’s new generation of edible collagen products, which deliver even faster filling speeds and a more tender bite, roll out, we are confident more and more producers will be attracted by the cost savings opportunities of converting to collagen.

Asia Pacific

In the Asia Pacific region, edible collagen accounts for approximately 59% of the market. Sausage consumption and snacking in South East Asia and China continue to increase, mainly driven by rising GDP per capita growth and urbanisation. Asia is a dynamic region in meat snack innovation, second only to the US. The Fine Ultra platform, with its deep fat frying properties, is highly relevant for most Asian markets. The underlying market in Australia is more mature, but Japan continues to provide gut conversion opportunities.


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