The Americas remains a strong market for edible collagen casing, particularly in the small calibre snack stick sector in North America. Rapid growth in demand in a number of Latin American countries continues, driven by increasing meat consumption and improving economic conditions.

Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA)

EMEA continues to be a major market for the use of edible collagen casing and remains a market where there is potential for future growth via further conversion of animal intestines to edible collagen casing. Many markets within Europe, including Germany, are highly developed, sophisticated and mature markets for sausage manufacture.
However, traditional techniques are still widely employed and many of the premium products remain in animal intestines. As Devro’s new generation of edible collagen products are introduced, more and more producers and retailers are looking closely at the cost savings that can be made by converting to edible collagen casing.


In Asia and the Pacific regions, growth in the use of edible collagen casing continues strongly. China is now the largest single edible collagen casing market in the world. Use of the product has grown considerably, primarily due to the increase in urbanisation, changing demographics and the growing popularity of premium Western-style sausage. The investment in modern manufacturing processes and the need for efficient manufacturing of safe and secure better quality sausage has driven producers to explore more urgently the benefits of edible collagen casing.


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