The Devro story starts with great science and ends with the sizzle of a great sausage. In between, it's all about people.

Making good products and looking after our customers properly are the givens of our business. Without them, we'd fail. But being a responsible business today means more than that. It involves looking after the interests of anyone who has a part to play in our story.

That means our customers, the people who work for us, the people who trust us enough to invest in our business, who supply the products and services we rely on and whose lives are indirectly affected by what we do.

We try to be respectful of them all and deal fairly and honestly. We also do our best to make Devro a safe and fulfilling place to work.

The rest is about being aware that we're part of something bigger. Another way of saying that is that we take our corporate social responsibilities seriously.


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