维修班长(机电) Maintenance Charge hand (Mechatronics)

职位设置目的 Purpose of The Role

  • Lead the team to repair and maintain the plant equipment, including mechanical and electrical, to ensure the reliable operation of equipment and facilities;
  • 能够带领班组对工厂设备进行维修和保养,包括机械和电气,保证设备设施可靠运行.

主要职责 Principal Accountabilities

  • Responsible for repair and maintenance of mechanical/electrical equipment;
  • 负责工厂电仪/机械设备维修、维护工作;
  • Coordinate requirements & maintenance resources to efficiently complete all maintenance work;
  • 协调需求及维修资源,高效完成各项检修维护工作;
  • Task execution, progress tracking, staff guidance and problem collection feedback;
  • 任务执行、进度追踪及给予员工指导和问题收集反馈;
  • Organize all kinds of emergency repair work, coordinate resources to solve problems quickly
  • 组织各类抢修工作,协调资源快速解决问题;
  • Organize timely analysis and improvement for downtime and repeated failures
  • 对于停机和重复故障,及时组织分析改善;
  • Implement equipment and facilities inspection system, timely feedback and organize resources to follow up and solve the problems found during inspection;
  • 执行设备设施点巡检制度,及时反馈并组织资源跟进解决点巡检过程发现的问题;
  • Implement safety and food safety requirements, timely deal with safety and food safety incidents, and follow up improvement;
  • 执行安全和食品安全要求,及时处理安全和食品安全事件,并跟进改善;
  • Organized team building activities for each team to enhance team cohesion and teamwork spirit;
  • 组织各班组的团队建设活动,增强团队凝聚力及团队协作精神;
  • Identify and implement technician skill improvement plan, evaluate technicians performance and feedback regularly, continuously improve team ownership;
  • 识别和实施技术员技能提升方案,维修技术员的绩效定期回顾、评估、反馈,持续改善团队主人翁意识;
  • Daily personnel management of maintenance technician team;
  • 维修技术员团队日常的人员管理;
  • Responsible for 5S management of area and shift;
  • 负责区域和班组的5S管理工作;
  • Other tasks assigned by superior;
  • 上级安排的其他任务;

安全健康与质量责任 Safety, Health and Quality Accountabilities

  • Communicate and emphasize safety and food safety requirements at handover;
  • 各班在交接时沟通并强调安全和食品安全要求;
  • Ensure corrective actions of discovery items are implemented on time;
  • 确保发现项整改行动的按时实施;
  • Daily observe the behaviour safety of subordinates, timely recognize the good code of conduct, stop violations, and educate employees;
  • 日常观察下属员工的行为安全,及时认可良好行为规范,制止违章行为,并对员工进行教育;
  • Responsible for team safety education, find unsafe factors, organize forces to eliminate and report to superiors in time, report accidents immediately, organize rescue, protect the site, make detailed records, participate in accident investigation and analysis, and implement preventive measures;
  • 负责班组安全教育,发现不安全因素,及时组织力量消除并报告上级,发生事故立即报告,组织抢救,保护好现场,做好详细记录,参加事故调查、分析,落实防范措施;
  • Set a good example of food hygiene and food safety in the factory, and ensure that the team passes all factory hygiene and food safety regulations training;
  • 做好工厂内食品卫生与食品安全行为榜样,确保团队通过所有工厂卫生与食品安全规培训;

核心行为与能力 Core Behaviours & Rating

  • 计划与组织 Planning and Organising (Skilled)
  • 驱动 Drive (Skilled)
  • 优先级设立 Priority Setting (Skilled)
  • 建立有效团队 Building Effective Teams (Skilled)
  • 影响力 Influence (Skilled)
  • 有效沟通 Effective Communication (Skilled)

关键相关方 Key Stakeholders

  • 操作员 Operator
  • 领班 Charge Hand
  • 维修技术员 Maintenance fitter
  • 维修计划员 Planner
  • 机械工程师 Mechanical Engineer
  • 电气工程师 Electrical Engineer
  • 维修经理 Maintenance Manager
  • 倒班经理 Shift Manager

关健绩效度量 Key Performance Metrics

Daily 每日:

  • 100% handover report should be clear, unambiguous and accessible;
  • 100% 交接报告需要清晰,明确,沟通无障碍;
  • 100% urgent and important events must be reported in time;
  • 100% 紧急、重要事件必须及时汇报;

Weekly 每周:

  • 100% attendance hours meet the requirements of laws and regulations;
  • 100% 人员出勤工时符合法规要求;
  • Equipment downtime rate, scheduling compliance rate, PM completion rate and other annual performance requirements
  • Or Monthly:
  • 设备停机率、排程符合率、PM完成率等符合年度绩效要求;

Monthly 月度:

  • 100% implementation preventive maintenance;
  • 100% 执行预防性保养;
  • Submit and implement rationalization proposals (no less than one per quarter);
  • 提交合理化建议并实施(每季度不低于1份;

工作经验,专业技能,知识,教育背景,语言能力 Experience, Skills, Knowledge, Education, Language

  • At least junior college or equivalent education and related mechanical and electrical professional background.
  • 至少大专学历并有相关机、电专业的学习背景;
  • More than 2 years of experience in leading 3+ mechanical and electrical technicians in international food or similar industrials;
  • 2年以上在外资食品或类似行业带领3+机电维修技术人员经验;
  • More than 5 years of experience in mechanical and electrical facilities;
  • 5年以上机电设备维护经验;
  • high and low voltage electrician certificate
  • 有高低压电工证;
  • Intermediate level of maintenance fitter;
  • 检修钳工中级;
  • Team work spirit and work under pressure;
  • 团队协作和压力下工作
  • Continuously learning and improvement awareness;
  • 有持续学习和改进意识
  • Be familiar with office software
  • 熟练操作办公软件;
  • Be able to read manual in English
  • 有英语资料和邮件的阅读能力;
  • Open-minded, self-motivated ,result-oriented ,mutual respect
  • 开放,自我激励,结果导向,相互尊重

其他 Others

  • Able to receive four shifts of three work
  • 能够接收四班三运转的倒班

Email address for applications: paris.xu@devro.com

Closing Date: 4/8/2024