As a manufacturer of goods operating across a global platform we are committed to the prevention of pollution and reducing our environmental impact. The main environmental impacts of our processes continue to be the emission of carbon dioxide and the generation of solid waste which we send to landfill.

Within four of our major locations, and as a result of local regulatory requirements, we operate our own waste water treatment plants. In the fifth, Scotland, we partially treat our effluent to ensure we meet the outflow parameters before discharging directly into the public sewerage system, where our waste is combined with domestic effluent and treated by Scottish Water.

The environmental concerns differ region by region and thus, as a Company with worldwide operations, our business similarly is subject to a variety of regulatory regimes and cultures. As a consequence, we deal with environmental issues through a network of field and regional specialists operating within the business units. There continues to be active global cooperation between our sites, and this ensures that the many country-specific solutions we have implemented across our manufacturing facilities have now been adopted across several business units where common solutions are practical.

While the individual business units measure the relevant environmental impacts aligned to the specific country or regional legislation, we also collectively monitor our Group-level performance via four main measures:

  • energy consumption per million metres of production;
  • carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the use of fuels and electricity in our factories;
  • water consumption; and
  • solid waste produced in our processes disposed of via landfill.

All four are important to us but our major focus has been on emissions from the burning of fuels and, as such, it is a main area of commitment. We monitor and maintain our equipment and processes to reduce the impact of fuel consumption and electricity-related CO2 emissions. Major capital projects such as those undertaken in the US and China have incorporated the best available technologies at the design stage to minimise our emissions and energy usage per kilometre of product.

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