Gender Pay Gap

Devro for its businesses in the UK is reporting a mean gender pay gap of 16.43% and a median gap of 7.42% and, for the Devro Scotland sites employing more than 250 employees, the mean gender pay gap is 11.99% and the median is 10.65% during 2017.

Our gender pay gap is impacted by the following factors:

  • There are currently more males than females in our middle and senior management roles.
  • In our manufacturing business in Scotland we predominantly have a male workforce which is consistent with other businesses in this sector. Any shift patterns which include unsociable hours, carrying a shift premium, have a higher percentage of men than women.

Devro is an equal opportunities employer, and the benefits of diversity in its broadest sense are well understood. We are committed to treating people in a fair and inclusive manner. This is embedded in our “People” and “Business Conduct” policies, and over recent years
we have seen an encouraging increase in diversity. We would expect the application of these policies to result in a reduction of the gender pay gap over time. In the next 12 months, we will focus on avoiding any situation where there is possible unconscious bias in any area
of the employment relationship. We plan to run a series of training workshops with our HR teams and managers and will monitor the effectiveness of this training.

Pay Quartiles% of Male Employees% of Female Employees
Lower Middle86.313.7
Upper Middle88.211.8

% of Females received bonus: 92.2
% of Males received bonus: 97.9


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