Safety is our number one priority; we have always said we want everyone to go home from work in the same condition they arrived in. As part of our global Health and Safety programme we have looked at how other companies have reduced workplace injuries and want to learn from them.

2018 successes

  • Total Recordable Case Rate, Lost Working Day Injury (LWDI) Rate and Lost Working Day Severity – all lowest in last eight years
  • Severity of LWDI cases reduced significantly with 57 days lost in 2018 compared to 411 in 2017
  • Three sites reported zero LWDIs in 2018
  • One-third reduction in recordable incidents
  • 22% increase in “near miss” reporting
  • Safety Community month across the full company with the launch of our Safety Community Pledge.
  • Engaged with over 1,500 employees on safety culture assessments

Our aim is to create a Zero Accident community. To accomplish this, we focus on three areas of safety: firm foundation, “discipline discipline” and internalised safety behaviours.

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