No segment in the sausage market is growing faster than savoury snacking. With its small-calibre sticks, Devro has a leading supply position in meat sticks markets around the world.

Snacking is a key growth driver for the food industry. Research shows that consumers are eating between meal times more than ever. Savoury snacks have grown a CAGR of 19% per annum for the last five years, with success in both developed and emerging markets.

Devro pioneered the small-calibre casings needed for this application, and has built a leading global position from this base. Through the Devro Difference, we are providing a high quality and reliable product, combined with expertise to support the product development and commissioning of new products. Devro is therefore in prime position to take advantage of this global trend.



Continually improving our cost base has always been a focus for Devro, but we redoubled our efforts in this area in 2016 as part of the Devro 100 strategy. A number of ambitious initiatives were embarked upon across the group manufacturing footprint, with benchmarking where appropriate from leading consultancies. With savings of £7.0m in 2017, an additional £4.5m in 2018 and further savings expected in 2019, we are well on the way to our target of £16m savings by 2020.

Our multi-faceted approach started with a redesign of our labour model, aimed at recalibrating direct labour to best-practice levels and reducing indirect layers in the organisation.

We are also aiming to reduce maintenance spend to world-class levels at each of the manufacturing sites while retaining our focus on safety. Through improved planning and scheduling, predictive and precision maintenance, crews become more effective and the running time between scheduled maintenance is extended on our equipment.

Global procurement was progressed further in 2018 as we consolidate purchasing around the group. We can now share best practice across our operations and at the same time leverage our buying power.



The purpose of the Devro Academy is to present relevant learning and development content in support of the needs of individuals, teams and the business, aligned to best practice across our global organisation via an online platform supplemented with tutor-led development.

Examples are a suite of sales e-learning modules and distributor management modules to support our commercial teams to ‘win with the winning customers’.

Most recently, project management modules were added to promote the understanding and application of Devro’s best practice project management approach.

Devro is fully committed to developing its workforce effectively to drive engagement and competence for future business success for all. The Devro Academy is just one strand of this initiative.

In addition to the Devro Academy, we have started global initiatives right across the Devro technical community on:

  • Best practice sharing teams
  • Talent management programmes
  • Problem solving methodologies


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