We are continually reducing our environmental impact to benefit our business, communities and future generations with a focus on energy efficiency, carbon, waste reduction and water.

Our specific environmental concerns differ by region and similarly, our business is subject to a variety of regulatory regimes and cultures. We manage environmental issues through a network of field and regional specialists operating within the business units. However, active global cooperation between our sites ensures that many country-specific solutions we have implemented across our manufacturing sites become adopted across business units where a common solution is practical.

Our individual business units measure relevant environmental impacts aligned to the specific country or regional legislation, but we collectively monitor our Group-level performance via four main measures, as outlined in the below targets.


Our original five year environmental targets set in 2011 were a 10% reduction per km of product in CO2 emissions, water use and solid waste to landfill. We effectively achieved double the target set. New targets were adopted in 2015 having evaluated the legislative requirements in the countries where we operate, and investigated the opportunities presented by technology. We targeted that by 2020 we would:

  • reduce emissions from the use of fuels and electricity in our sites (tonnes CO2 per million metres production) by 30%; 
  • reduce energy consumption (GJ per million metres production) by 15%;
  • reduce water consumption (cubic metres per million metres production) by 10%; and
  • reduce landfill (tonnes of solids sent to landfill from process per million metres production) to zero.

We are pleased to report our cumulative performance from 2015 to the end of 2020 against these targets: 

  • emissions reduced by 27%; • energy consumption reduced by over 15%;
  • water consumption reduced by 37%; and
  • waste to landfill cut from 86t/Mm in 2015 to 7.5t/Mm in 2020 (-91%).

In 2021, we will set new, ambitious environmental targets alongside the implementation of an updated sustainability framework. These targets will be broader and more challenging and may require capital expenditure to meet. In 2021 we will submit our environmental performance date to the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) for the first time.

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