Devro is an international business, with five main production sites across four continents. During 2020, we employed 1,947 people, on average, around the world (2019: 2,019). As at 31 December 2020 the Group employed 1,922 people (2019: 1,970). There were no large-scale redundancies or significant job cuts affecting more than 1,000 employees or more than 5% of the total workforce during 2020 or in either of the previous two fiscal years. 

The Group places considerable value on the active involvement of its employees on matters affecting them locally and on matters that affect the Group. This is achieved through visible and regular communications, both formal and informal, from their own local management and that of visiting executives and senior managers. It is common practice to bring together multi-cultural teams to work on strategically important projects. This has many benefits, not least of which is creating a more unified and consistent business culture. Employee representatives are consulted regularly on a wide range of matters affecting their current and future interests.

This year saw the continuation of our annual global Employee Engagement and Experience survey, ‘TellDev!’, with every employee across the Group having the opportunity to feedback on a number of areas including purpose, enablement, autonomy, reward and leadership. This provides valuable feedback which our leaders across the business can work with their teams to build upon, ensuring Devro remains an enjoyable and progressive place to work.

In 2020, our primary responsibility was to ensure the health and wellbeing of our employees and local communities by implementing stringent COVID-19 safety measures. This was facilitated by a strengthening of our internal communication capabilities across the Group, an area in which we continue to develop.

Additionally, we embarked on an employee-led, global collaboration to define our Purpose. This will complete in early 2021 and set the scene for our business and people priorities over a number of years – a key element of which will be to continue to engage with, involve and nurture our talented workforce.

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