The safety and wellbeing of our people remains our top priority. We commit to continual improvement of our health and safety performance, constantly pursuing our aspiration to be a Zero Accident Community.

Our health and safety targets allow us to monitor our progress towards zero harm. We aim to reduce our Total Recordable Injury Frequency to 0.94 by 2025, while encouraging a diligent reporting culture by targeting an increase in our near miss per employee rate to 1 by 2025.

To accompany our metrics, we will continue to champion a safe and supportive culture throughout our business. Our Hearts and Minds program encourages responsible behaviours and attitudes, fostering a proactive approach towards health and safety. The program helps internalise safe behaviours amongst our workforce, emphasising that we are all responsible for maintaining our high standards at all times.


A highly engaged business performs better, therefore it is our priority to connect with all our people and ensure their voices are heard. Our annual Employee Engagement survey continues to be a key tool in facilitating feedback and input from our people. Understanding our employees’ priorities helps shape the future of our business. We aim to maintain a high level of engagement and continue to provide a rewarding environment for our people. Our target looking forward is to achieve an engagement score within the World Top Quartile benchmark.

Additional details on our Priorities can be found on pages 15-20 of our ESG Seminar Presentation