Our goal remains to become a Zero Accident Community across Devro, at each site and within each functional group.

In 2020, our safety beliefs and practices continued to build on our Safety Community Pledge; THINK SAFE, WORK SAFE, GO HOME SAFE. We continued to reinforce the concept of MY ZERO, where we challenge all employees to protect their own Zero and watch out for their colleagues. We further strengthened Our Lifesaving Rules introduced in late 2019, ensuring policies, procedures and processes supporting these rules were in place at all our sites.

We continued to follow our three pillars to drive our safety efforts:

Firm Foundation focuses on the standards we need to have in place to stay safe, such as confined space entry and Lock Out/ Tag Out of energy sources. We have completed all Priority 1 standards.

Discipline Discipline ensures that we have the necessary policies, procedures, processes, and practices included in Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) to keep people safe. In 2020, we reviewed c.3,000 SOP’s across the Group and completed Risk Assessments on each procedure. Our goal was to ensure that all facets of an SOP (e.g. start up, shutdown, normal operations, abnormal operations, and cleaning) were covered and we ensured our Safety Standards were woven into the procedures.

In the Internalised Safe Behaviours pillar, we continued to focus on creating the transformation in our people via the “Hearts and Minds” program, which helps our people internalise safe behaviours. We rated ourselves as “Calculative” in our first survey and have a first goal to achieve the “Proactive” rating as part of our safety journey. We will measure our progress again during Q4 2021.

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