At Devro we use collagen to make the casings that give sausages their shape and bite.

We're one of the world's leading manufacturers. Each year we produce enough collagen casing to stretch to the moon and back several times. We employ over 2,000 people across four continents, from food technologists to fleischmeisters, craftsmen and women to chemical engineers. Some hold doctorates, some drive forklifts. All of them come to work each day with one aim: to help our customers make the perfect sausage.

Why Collagen?

Consistent and reliable

Collagen doesn't just hold sausages together. It holds us together. At Devro we use sophisticated technology to turn one of the most common forms of natural protein into strong, flexible, edible food casings.

Why collagen?

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Versatility is key

From the British Banger to the chinese Lap Cheong, from the French Merguez to the South American Chorizo, Devro makes the casing of choice for manufacturers across the globe.

Our Products

What can you save?

Casing Cost Calculator

Here's a quick way of comparing the cost of using our casings with other types of casing. Our casing cost calculator helps you figure out what you can save by making a switch.

Casing Cost Calculator

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