Why Collagen?

Collagen is the basis of the connective tissue found in all mammals. At Devro we use very sophisticated technology to turn it into strong, flexible, edible food casings.

Collagen has many benefits, but there are four principal ones:

  • it saves money
  • consumers like it
  • it’s safe
  • it’s versatile

Collagen saves money.

Collagen casings are stable and consistent, in other words they look and behave the same every time. This means customers can calibrate their processes very precisely and so produce more sausages quicker – without wastage. Our customers soon start to see higher productivity, along with lower labour and production costs.

As a manufactured product, the supply of collagen is constant and it’s not subject to the price fluctuations of commodities such as gut. Because it’s physically uniform it’s easier to store. For the same reason, collagen-encased sausages are easier and cheaper to package.

  • higher productivity
  • lower labour and production costs
  • steady pricing
  • easier storage
  • easier and cheaper to package

Consumers like collagen.

Devro customers can produce sausages that are always the same colour and shape and always have the tenderness and all-important crispness or ‘knack’ that consumers love – and only collagen can deliver.

  • colour
  • shape
  • tenderness
  • crispness
  • cookability

Independent research* shows that shoppers tend not to be interested in sausage skins. They only care about the casing if it affects colour, bite, shape, firmness or the visibility of the meat. They also make no distinction between collagen and gut casings when deciding what makes a traditional or premium sausage.  Consumers want a sausage that is good

* TNS Market Research Report 2009

Collagen is safe.

Collagen casings are made from a naturally occurring protein that’s inherently safe. The processes we use to make them are free from health risks. Our raw material, bovine collagen, is usually traceable back to the individual animal the hide came from.

Collagen is versatile.

Collagen is extremely versatile. There’s virtually no sausage it can’t accommodate. Devro customers use collagen casings for fresh, processed, smoked and dried sausages in a huge variety  of length and diameter.


The benefits of collagen at a glance